I’m Carolyn Johnston, the founder and sole consultant at Johnston Consulting Services, LLC. I founded JCS in November 2019 in order to realize a long-held dream of becoming a consultant in fields involving machine learning, statistics, and geospatial technologies.

Why did I choose to consult?

I have an array of talents and preferences that are extremely well suited to consulting. I love learning new algorithms and techniques, and I love to explain highly technical concepts as clearly as possible, both in writing and speaking. I like the challenge of explaining things in exactly the right way to reach my audience, and I like having a number of different challenges to think about at once.

I also love trying out new algorithms on new technical problems. I’ve found that my biggest value-add, in the hurried world of commercial software development, is in the fast prototyping and testing of new algorithms, and the provision of technical guidance to team members.

I’ve done a lot of technical and people management: most recently I held a position as a Director of Engineering at HERE Technologies, directing teams of researchers and developers working on algorithms and systems for maintaining HD maps for autonomous driving using sensor data from vehicle perception stacks. I understand both the motivations of project stakeholders, and the rewards and challenges of doing technical work on cutting-edge projects.

I like to come into an ambiguous project, get my arms around it, and help to get the project clarified and moving forward on a solid footing.

My background at a glance

I hold a Ph.D. in Mathematics. For the past 25 years, I’ve been working in research and development, doing machine learning, algorithm development, and technical management in the remote sensing and location-based services industry.

Here are the highlights of my work history:

  • (2016-2019) Director of Engineering at HERE Technologies, leading teams of research and software engineers developing technology for localizing autonomous vehicles, detecting change in the driven environment, and turning millions of records of vehicle sensor observations into highly accurate map features;
  • (2010-2016) Principal Engineer and Senior Manager with DigitalGlobe, the industry’s leading producer of high-resolution, high-geolocation-accuracy satellite imagery, leading teams to develop solutions for geolocation improvement and image information extraction problems;
  • (2006-2010) Lead Researcher with Microsoft/Bing Local Search, developing streetview geolocation algorithms and solving georeferencing and entity disambiguation problems;
  • (1996-2006) Engineer and Director of Software Engineering with Vexcel Corporation, developing remote sensing solutions to large-scale mapping and geospatial problems;
  • (1991-1996) Assistant/Associate professor at Rutgers and Florida Atlantic University, doing research and teaching in pure and applied mathematics.

For a deeper look at my background, please see my Biography Page.

My curriculum vita is also available.

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